Sub-department 30


County roads

Sub-department 30 - Roads plans and builds all county roads in the county. It also takes care of the maintenance and operation of the federal, state and county roads.

In particular, this includes the repair and extension of roads, renewal of road equipment, e.g. crash barriers or road markings, and the supply of large vehicles and other equipment.

All public tenders for construction, supply and services with the corresponding documents can be found on the award platform www.bund.de

Figures, data, facts

  • The road network in the county of Ludwigsburg (excluding motorways and municipal roads)  is about 720 km long. 105 km federal roads, 330 km state roads and 285 km county roads
  • 6 tunnels, 254 bridges and approx. 200 larger retaining walls, 270 signalling systems, 61 roundabouts
  • Annual expenditure for county roads between €6 and €8 million
  • Costs for road maintenance, personnel and vehicle fleet annually over €6 million
  • 105 employees take care of the roads in the county of Ludwigsburg
  • 120,000 vehicles use the A81 every day; 85,000 vehicles per day on the B10
  • Average daily traffic volume on state roads in the Ludwigsburg administrative district approx. 10,240 vehicles (state average approx. 5,350 vehicles per day)
  • There are approx. 6,110 vehicles on the county roads in the county every day. The national average is 2,700 vehicles per day 
  • The annual mileage on county roads and county roads in 2010 was approx. 1.25 billion kilometres

Branch offices

Contracts and Controlling (GT 301)

Branch office manager:

Matthias Goldmann
Phone: 07141 144-44720
Matthias Goldmann

Deputy: Silvia Salzer
Phone: 07141 144-44721

Silvia Salzer

Branch office 301 is responsible for the budget, contracts and controlling.

Every year, around 7,000 invoices are raised in the Sub-department for Roads. When road accidents cause damage on roads, we ensure that the person causing the damage or their insurance company pays for the damage. In addition to payment transactions, we are also involved in drawing up the county budget. This includes in particular the provision of funds for road maintenance and for the new construction or reconstruction of county roads.

Planning and construction (GT 302)

Section manager:

Ulrich Müller
Phone: 07141 144-42428

The team from business unit 302 Planning and Construction carries out all construction measures, the extension and rehabilitation of district roads, and occasionally also individual rehabilitation of country roads. In addition, the road bridges and retaining walls are monitored and rehabilitated. In addition to civil engineers, construction technicians and technical draughtswomen, the team also includes the green planner, who plans the landscape conservation integration of the road construction projects and monitors the ecological concerns. The business section also includes the processing of the cycle network in the district, which, like the road network, has an important connecting function within the district.

We plan our projects after consultation and in close cooperation with cities and municipalities as well as with the responsible authorities. Beside the draft of the building measure we prepare everything for the assignment by the committees of the district. The construction process with the construction company and the accounting of the construction measure are our tasks as well as the subsequent monitoring of the warranty periods and the documentation of the completed project.

Operation (GT 303)

Section manager:

Maximilian Kemperle
Phone: 07141 144-42458
Maximilian Kemperle


Andreas Geistert
Phone: 07141 144-44713
Andreas Geistert

Road maintenance:

74354 Besigheim-Ottmarsheim
Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 17

Tel.: 07141 144-2013
Fax: 07141 144-46006
Streassenmeisterei Besigheim

71638 Ludwigsburg
In Frauenried 1

Tel.: 07141 144-2014
Fax: 07141 144-46011
Streassenmeisterei Ludwigsburg

71665 Vaihingen/Enz
Stuttgarter Straße 149

Tel.: 07141 144-2015
Fax: 07141 144-46016
Streassenmeisterei Vaihingen

The business part 303 is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the federal, state and district roads.

Our tasks include

  • coordination of the entire operating and maintenance service, including winter maintenance,
  • condition assessment, needs assessment and setting up before maintenance and repair programmes,
  • tendering, awarding and execution of contracts for operating and maintenance measures,
  • monitoring and supervision of traffic lights and tunnel operating facilities,
  • fleet and equipment management, including fleet and equipment management Procurement and separation,
  • Participation in traffic shows, carrying out traffic censuses, elaborating traffic analyses, comments on third-party projects and drawing up traffic engineering concepts.

The practical work on site is organized by the 3 road maintenance departments with headquarters in Besigheim, Ludwigsburg and Vaihingen/Enz.

Away from the roadway itself, the "women and men in orange" have to maintain and care for the road accessories. E.g. the drainage facilities, the accompanying greenery including woodland, delineators and crash barriers, marking, signposting and traffic signs, traffic lights and much more.

Latest news

Road construction measures

K1654 at Hemmingen - Basic repairs

K1638 Hohenhaslach - Pavement renewal

K1683 Oberriexingen - Pavement renewal

K1695 Poppenweiler - Pavement renewal

Road planning

K1653 for Heimerdingen - partial extension

K1618 Ingersheim - cycle and farm track

K1698 near Vaihingen - road surface renewal

K1623 Besigheim - Gemmrigheim - cycle path

Road maintenance service

- from April to autumn mowing work will be carried out with various vehicles and equipment. To ensure that the reflector posts and crash barriers are also free of grass and scrub, "hand cutting" with brushcutters is necessary

- The beginning of May is also the time when all tunnels are subjected to a thorough cleaning. In addition to the tunnel walls and ceilings, the drainage and operating facilities are also cleaned and maintained

- Initial signs of winter damage have already repaired, e.g. on the state road 1115 in Besigheim and near Großbottwar

Road law

Road law regulates the tasks and responsibilities for the construction and maintenance of state, county and municipal roads in the Road Act for Baden-Württemberg.

Additionally there are also regulations for the use of these roads. If their use does not correspond to normal use, a special use permission is necessary.

The cost of building or modifying roads is also regulated here.

However, special situations and life situations are also covered by road law. Would you have known, for example, that the airspace above a road also belongs to the road?

This plays a role when, for example, a high-voltage line is to be stretched over a road. Or did you know that public roads can also exist on private property?

Contact us

Hindenburgstraße 30/1
71638 Ludwigsburg
Administrative office:

Angela-Maria Schuster
Tel.: 07141 144-44700
Fax: 07141 144-59930

Angela-Maria Schuster

Sub-department manager:

Ronald Stolz
Tel.: 07141 144-44701
Fax: 07141 144-59930
Roland Stolz


Matthias Goldmann
Tel.: 07141 144-44720
Fax: 07141 144-59930