Partner municipalities

Participating in the forum as a partner municipality

The international municipal forum is a professional event, where not only the district municipalities themselves are invited, but also partner cities and partner municipalities. Therefore, a focus of the forum is on the co-operative partnerships of the district and the municipalities. In addition to the participation of the partner cities and partner municipalities in the forum, the Thursday evening is particularly intended for promoting the partnerships of the municipalities.

The registration of partner cities and partner municipalities outside the district of Ludwigsburg is at the invitation of their respective district municipality. It is the responsibility of the individual district municipality to organize the arrival and departure of their partners as well as to ensure their accommodation and daily transportation to and from the district office. We ask for your understanding that the district office can neither cover these expenses nor assist in the organization.

As part of the joint program, the district will bear the costs of the event and excursions as well as catering. 

The event will be held in English and German. If the language causes any problems for you or your partner communities, please contact us so that we may find a solution.

You can find more info about the district and its partnerships here.


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