Functions of the Major District Town

County Administration

In addition to the County District Office, the six major district towns

  • Bietigheim-Bissingen
  • Ditzingen
  • Kornwestheim
  • Ludwigsburg
  • Remseck a.N.
  • Vaihingen a.d.E

and their joint administrations

  • Bietigheim-Bissingen with Ingersheim and Tamm 
  • Vaihingen a.d.E. with Eberdingen, Oberriexingen and Sersheim

all assume the functions of the lower administrative authorities in line with their instructions and as a compulsory function of the municipality. The Land Administration Act regulates functions which are the exclusive preserve of the County District Office.

Legal regulations

In Baden-Württemberg, municipalities with more than 20,000 inhabitants can apply to the state government for the legal status of a major district town. In the county of Ludwigsburg this was last granted to the town of Remseck a.N. on 01.01.2004.

The municipal leader of the major district town is elected by the town's citizens in a primary election and is given the official designation "Lord Mayor", while the deputies appointed by the town council bear the designation "First Mayor" or "Mayor".

The major district towns are subject to the legal supervision of the Regional Authority, while the other towns and municipalities in the district are subject to the legal supervision of the County District Office (Department of Local Government Supervision).


The functions of the major district towns include:

  • Immigration Office
  • Fines & Penalties Authority
  • Construction Legal Authority
  • Restaurant & Public House Authority
  • County Police Authority
  • Fairs, Markets, Exhibitions
  • >Local Road Traffic Authority
  • >li>Parking facilities for the disabled
  • Travel trade card
  • Gaming halls
  • Accommodation for the mentally ill
  • Right to assembly
  • Arms law
  • Housing allowance

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