Kleeblatt Nursing Homes gGmbH

in the county of Ludwigsburg


Each of us has his or her own history and needs. With new individual living and care plans, the non-profit Kleeblatt Nursing Homes GmbH is committed to a satisfying and dignified life in old age.

With our small, family houses we are pioneers for small nursing homes and residential group concepts for life in old age. Our houses are located exclusively in the county of Ludwigsburg. The responsible bodies of the Kleeblatt gGmbH are the county of Ludwigsburg as well as the towns and municipalities.

Our motto is "So that help is there". Our goal is to bring the care directly to the people who need it.


company headquarters

Kleeblatt Pflegeheime gGmbH
Alt-Württemberg-Allee 4
71638 Ludwigsburg

Fax 07141 968-222