Social and Cultural Foundation

The County Council made the decision to establish this foundation on 10 July 1998. The main purpose of the foundation is to support tax-privileged corporations and public corporations in the county of Ludwigsburg. Its main focus lies on the promotion of nature and the environment, science and research, education and training, art and culture, sport, youth welfare, care for the elderly, public health, charitable purposes and welfare.

Foundation "Schullandheim Strümpfelbrunn"

Art, Culture and Education Foundation of KSK Ludwigsburg

The foundation established by the County Savings Bank (Kreissparkasse) Ludwigsburg in 1988 promotes the arts, culture and education in the county of Ludwigsburg. The foundation's funding activities are diverse. It is just as involved with and supportive of youth theatre as it is with the preservation of historical cultural monuments or the acquisition of important exhibits for museums.