County Savings Bank Ludwigsburg

in the county of Ludwigsburg

With a business volume of 10.49 billion euros and a balance sheet total of 10.37 billion euros, the County Savings Bank (Kreissparkasse) Ludwigsburg is one of the largest savings banks in Germany.

Customer deposits of 6.91 billion euros, a loan volume of 5.82 billion euros and more than 684,000 customer accounts are the result of partnership-based cooperation with private and corporate customers as well as with local authorities in the Ludwigsburg county.

As a universal bank, the Kreissparkasse offers all the financial services of a modern credit institution from a single source.

Of course, all the benefits of modern technology and modern communications technology are available to our customers.

118 ATMs and 79 account service terminals are in use around the clock - a service that is proving increasingly popular with customers.

123,000 customers already use the Kreissparkasse's online banking services.