Administration unions

with county involvement

Together, the town of Markgröningen and the county of Ludwigsburg operate the "Helene Lange Grammar School School Association" in Markgröningen.

Strohgäu Railway Administration Union
The county and the neighbouring communities are responsible for the Strohgäu railway, which is operated by WEG.

In order to promote the supply of services, needs-based and sustainable telecommunications services, in particular in the form of broadband access, to tradespeople, freelancers, citizens, public institutions and other companies, the county and district communities founded the Administration Union for County Broadband Ludwigsburg (KBL).

The Administration Union for Animal By-Products Neckar-Franken (ZTN) disposes of slaughter waste and dead domestic animals, among other things. The special-purpose association comprises 18 municipal and rural districts.