All about wine

Viniculture has been a tradition in the county of Ludwigsburg for centuries and so it's of great importance locally.

This is easy to see in the county's 192+ winegrowing enterprises, over 2,000 hectares of cultivated vineyard (the county thus has around 18% of the share of the Württemberg winegrowing area) and the 11 vintner cooperatives.

The numerous terrace slopes characterize the cultural landscape in the county of Ludwigsburg in a special way. They are a distinctive feature of local viticulture and produce excellent wines.

Over 60% of the total terrace slope areas in the administrative district of Stuttgart are located here.

With the extensive expert knowledge and high commitment of the vintners, cellars and cooperatives a large variety of high-quality wine is produced.

The best known grape varieties are Trollinger, Lemberger, Pinot Noir, Samtrot, Riesling and Silvaner.

The wine-growing industry in the county of Ludwigsburg can look to a large range of excellent producers who are known far beyond the county border for their top quality, creativity and the marketing of their products.

The secret of the excellent wine lies in the extensive shell limestone deposits across the landscape, which in turn offers many sheltered slopes facing the sun - and in the hard work of the Swabian vintners, whose experience has been handed down through the generations for many, many centuries.

Two important German wine routes, the "Württemberger Weinstrasse" and the "Weinstrasse Kraichgau-Stromberg", along which there is also a cycle path, cross the county, as do the "Württemberg Wine Hiking Trail" of the Schwäbischer Albverein and the "Württemberg Wine Cycle Path".

There is a Wine Museum and a Wine Nature Trail has been created, both of which explain the history of viticulture and wine pressing.

The Wine Cultivation Museum in Asperg displays historical equipment for wine-growing as well as wine-pressing and cellaring technology.

Historical equipment and explanations on viticulture can also be found at the Museum in the Stiftsscheuer in Mundelsheim.

Am Wunnenstein (Großbottwar) with its observation tower invites you to wander along the Wine Nature Trail.

The gastronomy of the county of Ludwigsburg also addresses the topic of "wine". Various restaurants and pubs offer the "Weinstraßenteller" (Wine Route Platter) on their menues.

And of course there are the numerous wine festivals in the towns and villages, where locals and visitors can taste a "quarter" of the excellent local wines.

The gastronomy has also taken up the topic "wine". Various restaurants and pubs offer the "Weinstraßenteller" (wine street plate).

Not to forget the numerous wine festivals in the cities and communities, where locals and visitors can enjoy a "Viertele" of the outstanding local wines.