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In the County District Office

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Spätlingsmarkt 2019 - Late Autumn Market 2019

For 23 years the Spätlingsmarkt, or Late Autumn Market, in the Ludwigsburg County District Office has represented regional specialities and delicacies from across the county of Ludwigsburg and from our partner and associate counties in Saxony, Hungary, France, Italy and Israel.

In the autumn of 2019, the County District Office in Ludwigsburg will once again be the venue for a huge trade fair for culinary specialities and handicrafts from the region - from 4 to 9 November. "Almost 75 stalls will be erected on all 9 levels in the County District Office and in the outbuildings. A large variety of delicacies have long been produced that combine Swabian tradition with passion. They are available in abundance at the Spätlingsmarkt. Specialities and arts and crafts from Zwickau/Saxony, Provence/France, Bergamo/Italy, Pest/Hungary and the Upper Galilee region make the market a unique highlight in the county's year. 14 wineries offer the full spectrum of wine enjoyment, including young winegrowers with fine wines and a cider producer from Ditzingen with the finest apple and pear cider. The wine and whisky testing as well as the 13th Public Sausage Quality Test and the theme day, which is now in its fourth year and will take place on Tuesday, 5.11. - on the theme of "Natural Gardens - Biodiverse Habitats?" and including a program of interesting lectures and a Garden Premiere for the Green Neighbourhood - all offer a panoply of information and taste-testing opportunities. What's new at the Spätlingsmarkt? Well, the Ludwigsburg Bakers' Guild will present the 1st Public Stollen Quality Test, which will take place on Wednesday, 6.11., from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Large Hall. On Wednesday, 6.11., at 3 p.m. and on Friday, 8.11., at 10 a.m., there will be presentations on slimming and getting fit using vegetable oils, amino acids and  omega-3 fatty acids. Selected cold-pressed oils in organic quality, in particular daily freshly pressed native and unfiltered linseed oil from regional organic cultivation, various handmade organic snack bars, organic linseed pomace bread with emmer wheat, organic linseed pomace bread with speltgerm, organic smoothies, organic omega-3 chicken eggs, organic omega-3 ice cream as well as various oil meal and flour and dietary supplements round off the regional specialities on offer. A new treat directly from the county of Ludwigsburg  is available in the Atrium: finest coffee, espresso and cappuccino with coffee beans from our own roaster located in Hohenhaslach.

Fruit Brandy Award

With the award of the best fruit brandies, the county of Ludwigsburg supports and promotes the preservation and care of our orchard meadows, which are a distinctive feature of the county. The Württemberg State Association of Traditional Fruit Distilleries judges the submitted spirits with great care and expertise. A key criterion is that the brandy must be distilled exclusively from fruit grown in meadows in the county of Ludwigsburg and distilled in the county as well.

This year there are many special awards: The traditional Williams Pear brandy, a pomace brandy, a spirit and gin or whisky

The award commission, which consists of 6 examiners, has recently grown. We are pleased to be able to welcome Mr. Mozer and Mr. Weippert as new examiners with state certification.

You can submit your entries until Friday, 22.10.2019. If you are interested in participating, please contact Ms. Anja Loths, tel. 07141/144-42855 or e-mail anja.loths[at]landkreis-ludwigsburg.de.  

APPLE CIDER FROM THE COUNTY OF LUDWIGSBURG - A sparkling, fresh contribution to the preservation of orchard meadows

As part of the Spätlingsmarkt 2018, the county of Ludwigsburg is premiering its own county cider. It comes exclusively from apples grown in orchards in the county of Ludwigsburg, and is produced by the company Schütz Fruchtsäfte. The county is thereby contributing to the conservation and promotion of our cultural landscape and the fruit orchards. And in 2019 apples from the orchards in Kirbachtal will be harvested again. The organisation for this is the Obst- und Gartenbauverein Kleinsachsenheim e.V. (Fruit and Horticulture Association Kleinsachsenheim). We are looking forward to the CIDER 2019!

A proportion of the apples harvested for the cider comes from trees that were planted on 20.11.1982 and 17.12.1988 as part of a tree donation and planting campaign by the county of Ludwigsburg to promote orchard meadows. In 2019 the fruit will also come exclusively from Kleinsachsenheim in Kirbachtal. A total of approx. 5,000 kg of apples are collected every year.

The COUNTY CIDER will be sold at the following stalls at the Spätlingsmarkt:

Level 3 Landscape Conservation Association and Agricultural Office Ludwigsburg County

Level 4 Winery Geiger

Level 5 Young winegrowers and cider producers

Atrium Rösch Juices

The visitors of the Spätlingsmarkt are cordially invited to taste and enjoy the CIDER and thus contribute to the preservation of our beautiful cultural landscape.

Gin and whisky from the county of Ludwigsburg

Whether the rugged cliffs in the Scottish Highlands, the gently rolling hills of Kentucky or the fertile loess soils on the edge of the shell limestone valleys of the Neckar river in the county of Ludwigsburg - the enjoyment of whisky and gin is closely linked to nature. The grain for the county's own whisky and the aromatics for the gin come from the fertile agricultural zone in the southern region of the county, formerly known as the "granary of Württemberg".
Our whisky and gin tasting will convince you of the excellent quality! Tobias and Wolfgang Fessler offer you original Fesslermühlen Whisky and Gin from their own distillery - and provide you with the opportunity to compare them with several other remarkable Swabian whiskies and gins from around the county and the rest of the Württemberg 'Ländle'.

Learn interesting facts and special ideas! Try samples of demineralised water from the ALWA source and fresh bread from the Fesslermühle.


Wine Tastings

Wine and Specialities from the Confectioner and the Baker

Our wine tastings are a real insider tip! Since 2012, there have been wine tastings with different focus topics in the large conference hall right next to our Wine Route. Selected wines from our county vintners are combined with the finest culinary delights for pure enjoyment.

Chocolate and wine, ham and wine, light snacks and wine, cheese and wine and a 2018 highlight "Delicious wine and heavenly baked goods".

Here we extend a warm 2019 invitation to connoisseurs of delicious wines and select delicacies from the confectionery and bakery.

Our country, the Neckar valley with all its regions on its right and left banks, is known for its excellent wines. Whether white or red, the hand of the cellar master ensures they are irresistible in color, fragrance and aroma.

But there are so many other talents hidden away, just waiting to be discovered! We went looking and met Jenny - with her chocolate! Jenny will intrigue you, our highly esteemed audience, with delicacies from the confectionery trade. We also the spelt baker Tim Kleinle, who will inspire you with craftsmanship from his bakery ovens...

And what about the wine? Let Dieter Schedy, German Wine Consultant (DWI), give you a few recommendations - and then choose from your favourite wineries.



Spätlingsmarkt - Dates

  • 4 to 9 November 2019
  • 2 to 7 November 2020

opening hours

Long Monday, 4.11.2019, sale from 13 o'clock to 21 o'clock

Long Thursday, 7.11.2019 Sale 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., until 9 p.m. in the Wine Route

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

If you have any questions about the Spätlingsmarkt please contact Ms Anja Loths 07141-144-42855.