In the county of Ludwigsburg

Museums in the county of Ludwigsburg

The county of Ludwigsburg is as multi-faceted as its cultural heritage. Here you can find the opening hours and contact information for the museum facilities of the county. This information is also available as a printed brochure.

You can find an interactive map here.


The baroque royal residential town of Ludwigsburg offers the following sights of interest:
Residential Palace Ludwigsburg, the Garden Show "Blooming Baroque" with Fairytale Garden, baroque town centre, Favorite Palace Ludwigsburg with its Favorite Park (nature reserve and wildlife park), the lakeside Palace Monrepos and its recreational lake, Forum am Schlosspark, Heilbad Hoheneck - state certified spa springs.

Historic old towns, remarkable half-timbered houses

Marbach a.N. - Schiller Town

The literary town is dominated by the Schiller National Museum, the German Literature Archive and the Modern Literature Museum. Johann Christoph Friedrich Schiller was born here in a modest looking house on Niklastorstraße on November 10, 1759.

Hohenasperg - Zeugenberg, state fortress and prison

The Hohenasperg is a significant landmark in the Neckar basin. The fortress was built as one of the seven Württemberg state fortresses and still serves as a prison today. The House of History of Baden-Württemberg has established a permanent exhibition on it: "Hohenasperg - a German Prison" 

Eberdingen-Hochdorf - The Tomb of the Celtic Prince

In a museum next to the excavation site is a reconstruction of this sensational find that was first located in the year 1978/1979. The museum is part of the Celtic Way, which also connects other sites in the county.

Steinheim/Murr - Museum of Prehistoric Man

On 24 July 1933 the skull of a woman, aged about 25 years old and who lived 250,000 years ago, was found during gravel quarrying. A museum campus stretching over 400m² is dedicated to the environment of the period and to human development of the time.

Neckar River Passenger Boating

  • www.neckar-kaeptn.de
    The following lines run from May to October:
    Stuttgart - Marbach, Marbach - Besigheim, Stuttgart - Hessigheim
  • www.schifftours-heilbronn.de
    In the summer season, a ship sails once a week from Heilbronn to Besigheim and back.

Traces of the Roman past

Traces of the Roman past can be found at numerous sites in the county, among them Benningen, Ludwigsburg-Hoheneck, Mundelsheim, Oberriexingen and Walheim.