An attractive landscape

County of Ludwigsburg

Nature and landscape

The county of Ludwigsburg possesses a versatile and varied landscape thanks to its natural geographic features, the mild climate and its cultural-historical forms of use.

With its valuable soils and its favourable climate, today's county has long been the "granary of Württemberg".

The county's landscape, with its lush fields, idyllic orchards, steep vineyards in the valleys of the Neckar and Bottwar and on the Stromberg as well as the dreamy floodplains on the Neckar, Enz and Glems rivers, has been formed and shaped by farmers and vintners over many centuries.

This special cultural landscape provides habitats for diverse species worthy of protection.

Vineyard slopes and terraces

The terraced slopes on the banks of the Neckar Valley are a central element of a historical cultivated cultural landscape. This area offers locals and visitors alike a wide range of attractions and recreational opportunities. The special features of the slopes can be discovered on foot, along the many hiking trails and vantage points, or by boat on the Neckar. The Neckar Valley Cycle Path along the Neckar offers incomparable views of the terraces and slopes as well as very good accessibility to many cultural highlights.