On the water

in the county of Ludwigsburg

Ludwigsburg County has a lot to offer, and not just on land.

Neckar Captain

Experience, scheduled cruises and events with the Neckar Käpt'n.

The following lines operate:

  • Stuttgart - Marbach
  • Marbach - Besigheim
  • Stuttgart - Hessigheim

Piers in Ludwigsburg County:

Kirchheim - Besigheim - Hessigheim - Mundelsheim -

Kleiningersheim - Benningen - Marbach -

Ludwigsburg-Hoheneck - Poppenweiler - Neckargröningen

The migratory birds

Canoeing, Kayaking and Stand Up Paddling

The migratory birds offer guided roundtrip and track tours, team events on the water, various courses and also rental of canoes and co.

Passenger Shipping Stumpf GmbH & Co. KG

Passenger boat trip on the Neckar

During the summer season, one ship departs weekly from Heilbronn to Besigheim and back.

Line route: Heilbronn - Lauffen - Kirchheim - Besigheim

Highlights of the year:

  • Onion tart trip to Besigheim and back (two special trips in autumn)

Start: either Heilbronn or Lauffen

  • Excursion to Hessigheim to the wine festival & open day with a visit to the Felsengarten winery and back

Start: either Heilbronn or Lauffen

Boating on the Enz

With boat and canoe on the Enz.

Here you will find all the important information about water sports on the Enz.


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