Nature trails

in the county of Ludwigsburg

Hardy trail (Hardtwald forestry association)

The Hardy Trail offers a special forest experience for the whole family, with exciting activities and fun-filled knowledge about the forest and its inhabitants.

Tree nature trail (Bietigheim-Bissingen)

On the approximately 3 km long circular trail of the tree nature trail, numerous native and in this country unusual tree species can be learned about.

Nature and adventure trail (Markgröningen/Möglingen/Asperg)

The intercommunal nature and adventure trail uses hand-painted enamel panels to illustrate the special features of our nature and environment along the approximately 10 km-long path.

QR code path nature trail and QR code path Grüne Mitte (Bietigheim-Bissingen)

In keeping with modern times, the QR Code Trail Nature Trail offers anyone with a smartphone an exceptional nature trail with online images, informational texts and sound recordings on the flora and fauna.

The QR code trail Grüne Mitte also makes use of QR code technology and thus provides a glimpse into the past of the Enz valley and the creation of today's "Grüne Mitte" in Bietigheim -Bissingen.

Field nature trail (Korntal-Münchingen)

The Ackerlehrpfad is located on a 20 m² field strip. It imparts knowledge about many different arable plants as well as (medicinal) herbs and makes them tangible with almost all senses.

Academy Garden (Bietigheim-Bissingen)

A cottage garden, a vineyard, and all sorts of other things are offered by the Academy Garden in miniature. Here, old vegetable and ornamental plants can be rediscovered.

Fruit nature trail (Schwieberdingen)

Information about native fruit varieties can be discovered on the trail of the Schwieberdingen Fruit and Horticulture Society.

Fruit nature trail (Besigheim)

The fruit nature trail was initiated out of love for the meadow orchards and "Stückle" that are worth preserving. Interested people can learn more about the local and original fruit varieties here.

Obstwiesenweg (Remseck am Neckar)

Over 2.5 km, the Obstwiesenweg runs along a marked path and tells interesting facts about native fruit tree varieties.

Wild fruit nature trail (Ditzingen)

The wild fruit nature trail was created out of the basic idea of preserving species. Here you not only get to know many European wild fruit species, you also learn interesting facts about their benefits for humans and animals.

Wine educational trail at the Geigersberg (Sachsenheim, district Ochsenbach)

On a 1.9 km circular trail, the Weinlehrpfad am Geigersberg invites you to immerse yourself in the history of viticulture over the past 150 years.

Wunnenstein Wine Experience Trail (Großbottwar, Winzerhausen district)

The WeinErlebnisWeg Wunnenstein takes you on a circular route through the vineyards, where you can learn a lot about viticulture from the past and present to the refinement of wine.

Wine and grape variety trail (Vaihingen an der Enz, Horrheim district)

The Vaihingen Wine Educational Trail leads on an approximately 3 km long circular path through the Horrheim vineyards and describes the current wine cultivation. North of the wine trail, the Vine Variety Trail provides information about different grape varieties.

Geological nature trail (Gerlingen)

For those interested in the development of today's landscape, the geological nature trail in Gerlingen is the place to be. Here, in particular, Gerlingen's diverse geological history can be explored.

Geological nature trail (Bietigheim-Bissingen)

The geological nature trail tells of the earth's history with flora and fauna of the Baden-Württemberg landscapes. Particularly impressive is the Wobach rock face along the trail, which rises about 20 m high.

Flößerweg (from Besigheim to Bietigheim-Bissingen)

For those who want to learn more about the history of rafting during a hike or bike ride, explore the 15km-long Rafting Trail along the Enz River.