Italy - Bergamo Province


Italy - Bergamo Province

Presidente Pasquale Gandolfi
Provincia di Bergamo
Via T. Tasso, 8
I- 24121 Bergamo

Bergamo is a province in Italian Lombardy. The largest city in the province is Bergamo, where the provincial seat is also located.

The friendly connections between the province of Bergamo and our county have existed since 2002. On 7 November 2005 Presidente Valerio Bettoni and President Dr. Rainer Haas signed a cooperation agreement, which regulates, among other things, cooperation in the freight transport connection between the provinces of Brescia and Bergamo and the county of Ludwigsburg. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of friendship, the official partnership document was finally signed in September 2022.

The College for Public Administration and Finance Ludwigsburg also maintains regular contacts in the province of Bergamo.

For several years now, the province of Bergamo has participated in the Spätlingsmarkt. In return, our county of Ludwigsburg participates in the Bergamo Trade Fair.

Large event in the Presolana massif together with the province of Bergamo
On 9 July 2017 President Dr Rainer Haas participated in the 'Cordata della Presolana'. It was a major event in the Presolana massif with several thousand participants, in the organisation of which the province of Bergamo played a major role. With the world's longest rope team, a Guinness world record was to be set in the Bergamasque Alps, on the one hand, and the importance of the regional mountain world and a sustainable approach to nature demonstrated on the other hand. Of course, our international partners and friends, among others from the county of Ludwigsburg, were also there to congratulate our Italian friends on achieving the world record. At the event, President Dr. Rainer Haas was interviewed about the friendship with the province of Bergamo. You can watch the video here:

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