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István Szabó
President of the General Assembly of Komitat Pest
Városház u. 7
H-1052 Budapest

The partnership between the county ('komitat') of Pest and the county of Ludwigsburg has been cultivated since 1992.

The county of Pest has 1 million inhabitants and lies like a "collar county" around the Hungarian capital Budapest. The administrative headquarters are located in Budapest. The county is known for the famous "Danube Knee" and the princely residence of Gödöllő Palace.

From the beginning of the relationship, we can look back on a successful series of seminars and projects on social and environmental issues. In addition, the county of Pest has enriched our Spätlingsmarkt every year with various stands since its launch in 1997.

The Tápió nature conservation project in the county of Pest is a prime example of constructive cooperation between municipalities across borders. The ecologically valuable Tápió area in Hungary is to be preserved as part of our partnership through a joint nature conservation initiative. The establishment of the Tápió Environmental Foundation in 1997 was an important step towards expanding the partnership.

Since 1998, a youth nature conservation camp has taken place annually, alternately in the county of Pest and the county of Ludwigsburg. Young people from both regions work together on projects to protect nature and have the opportunity to exchange ideas. This also supports the work in the Tápió area.

In addition, student exchanges take place regularly between a school[1] in our county and its partner school in the county of Pest.

In the year 2000, the partnership document between the county of Pest and the county of Ludwigsburg was solemnly signed. We want to cultivate this partnership in both good and difficult political times, highlighting commonalities and deepening the exchange.

Schools in the county with partner schools in the county of Pest

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