In the county of Ludwigsburg

Upper Galilee Region, Israel

The friendship between the region in northern Israel and our county has existed since 1983 and is the county's oldest partnership. It was officially sealed in 1997 with the exchange of partnership certificates. Today there are regular student exchanges between schools in the county and their partner schools in Upper Galilee.

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Zwickau County, Germany

1990 the partnership between the county of Ludwigsburg and the former county of Chemnitz began, which, after the county reforms, finally became what is today's county of Zwickau. The county of Zwickau is represented every year with a stand at the Spätlingsmarkt in the County District Office.

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City of Yichang, China

The partnership with Hubei province in central China began in 1990. The first contacts followed in 1991, with the 1st Yichang People's Hospital, with which there is still today a regular exchange between doctors and nursing staff.

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Komitat Pest, Hungary

Since 1992 there has been a friendly relationship with the county ('komitat') of Pest. Like a "collar county", it surrounds the capital Budapest. In 2000, the partnership was officially sealed with the exchange of partnership certificates. Young people from both counties participate annually in the joint youth nature conservation camp.

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Bergamo Province, Italy

In 2002 our friendship with the northern Italian province of Bergamo began. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of friendship, the official partnership document was finally signed in September 2022.

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