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A democracy thrives on the participation of its citizens. The Basic Law (i.e. the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany), the State Constitution and municipal law lay the foundations for this.

In Baden-Württemberg, there are many opportunities to participate in political life. Elections for the elected representatives of the state, the federal government and the European Union (parliamentary elections) as well as for the local representative bodies and the mayors (local elections) are held at regular intervals. In addition, citizen participation in the country can have a direct influence on political decision-making processes.

Parliamentary elections

The members of the Baden-Württemberg State Parliament and the members of the European Parliament are elected from the Federal Republic of Germany every five years. In addition, voters in the Stuttgart region can decide every five years who represents their interests in the Regional Assembly.

The members of the German Bundestag are elected every four years.

Local elections

In the municipalities of the state, local councillors and, where applicable, town councillors are elected every five years, as are the councillors of the county councils.

The mayor of a municipality is elected every eight years.

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