of the County Council and its committees

In order to facilitate and prepare its work, the members of the County Council have also formed a number of decision-making and advisory committees.
The decision-making committees make decisions on behalf of the County Council on matters that fall within the scope of their respective responsibilities. Matters that fall within the decision-making purview of the County Council are discussed in advance by the responsible committees.

The decision-making committees are:

  • the Administrative Committee
  • the Committee on the Environment and Technology
  • the Cultural and Education Committee
  • the Social Committee and
  • the Youth Welfare Committee

The county president is the chairperson of these committees. The Council Advisory Committee advises the president on agenda matters and on the course of negotiations in the County Council.

County Council responsibilities

The County Council is the main organ of the county district office and decides in particular on:

  • the enactment of all statutes and their amendments, e.g. the waste fee statute, the assumption of voluntary tasks for the county, decisions in particularly important matters of the AVL and  Clinics gGmbH,
  • the delegation of county representatives to institutional bodies, organisations and associations of which the county is a member,
  • the appointment, hiring, promotion and dismissal of senior officials and employees in agreement with the president,
  • the election of the president.

Responsibilities of the County Council Committee

The committees are responsible for decisions which are not within the sole purview of the County Council, insofar as these decisions are not among the responsibilities of the County District Office in its role as a lower administrative authority of the state:

Administrative Committee

The Administrative Committee is responsible for:

Central administrative matters, elections, finances, preliminary consultations for the County Council in hospital matters, real estate, local audit, matters of the equal opportunities officers, human resources. In addition, it decides, in agreement with the president, on the appointment, recruitment, including upgrading, and dismissal of department heads and of honorary civil servants.

Committee on the Environment and Technology

The Committee on the Environment and Technology is responsible for:

Planning, redevelopment and development, waste management, surveying, fire brigade, rescue service, economic development, tourism, fruit and horticulture consulting, landscape, nature and environmental protection, agriculture, forestry, land consolidation, building construction, school transport, public transport and roads.

Social Committee

The Social Committee is responsible for:

Social assistance, senior citizens' assistance, functions as laid out by SGB II, social care matters, war victim welfare, health and veterinary services.

Cultural and Education Committee

The Culture and Education Committee is responsible for:

Schools, including construction, country education centre, cultural conservation, adult education, sport, community partnerships, European affairs.

Youth Welfare Committee

The Youth Welfare Committee is responsible for matters under the Child and Youth Welfare Act.

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