Tasks of the County

County administration

With regard to the duties of the county as a regional authority, a distinction must be made between compulsory duties and voluntary duties. The state may reserve the right to issue instructions in respect to compulsory duties. Then the state regulates not only the "whether", but also the "how" of duty fulfillment. The imposition of compulsory duties can only be carried out by law. Provisions are made regarding cost recovery. As the lower state administrative authority, the County District Office performs state functions. The County District Office is bound by the instructions of the state in these tasks.

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Opening hours district office

General opening hours

Monday - Friday8:30 - 12:00 o'clock
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Overview of tasks

Mandatory dutiesVoluntary dutiesState duties
  • Waste disposal
  • Training support
  • Vocational and Special Schools
  • Refund of school transport costs
  • Youth support
  • Hospitals
  • County archive
  • County Media Centre
  • Road construction for county roads
  • Social support
  • Cadaver disposal
  • Housing benefit