Organs of the County

County administration

The administrative bodies of the county are the President and the county council.


The president is elected by the county council for a term of eight years. They are the legal representative of the county, chair of the county council and head of the county administration including the state lower administrative authorities. Their tasks include preparing the meetings of the county council and its committees, implementing the resolutions of the county council and its committees, informing the county council about all important matters concerning the county or the administration, and the execution of the tasks assigned to it by law, by the county council by main statute and ongoing tasks. Their permanent representative is the Principal State Official.

County Council

The county council is elected by the eligible residents of the county for a period of five years. It consists of the president as chair and 105 county councillors. The county council is the representation of the county's inhabitants and the main organ of the county. Its tasks are the enactment of all statutes and their amendments, decisions on the assumption of voluntary tasks for the county, decisions on particularly important affairs of the AVL and the Hospitals gGmbH, delegation of coutny representatives in organs of institutions, organizations and federations, to which the county belongs as a member, decisions on appointment, employment, promotion and dismissal of leading officials and employees in agreement with the president and election of the president and the deputy chair of the county council.

Sessions and committees

The meetings of the county council and its committees are generally open to the public. The meetings are only closed to the public if the public good or legitimate interests of individuals require it.

The following committees have been formed:

  • Administrative Committee
  • Environment and Technology Committee
  • Culture and Education Committee
  • Social Committee
  • Youth Support Committee

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