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Schiller-Adult Education Centre - Constanze Weis

The Schiller-Volkshochschule (Adult Education Centre) provides the county population at 36 locations with further education courses in the areas of general education, career/IT, health as well as culture and design, languages and basic education close to their homes.

A new program is offered twice a year. The winter semester starts at the end of September, the summer semester starts in February.

The complete range of courses and all important information on registration and participation can be found in the programme booklet or on the Internet at www.schiller-vhs.de

You can reach the Schiller-vhs team at the central telephone number 07141 144-2666, where you can register by telephone and receive expert advice if required.

The Schiller-Volkshochschule is also available to companies, administrations, associations and organisations in many areas of continuing education and offers tailor-made courses for a wide range of topics.

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Constanze Weis

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