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Central accounting has an overview of all the income and expenses of the county. Hundreds of payments and disbursements are processed here on a non-cash basis every working day.

Information on all general payments can be obtained from

Phone 07141 144-42826
Central Accounting

Please enter the 12-digit reference number (e.g. 5.1234.000006.7) for all deposits and enquiries.

For payments relating to the social sector - reference numbers starting with 507, 508, 807 or 808 - please contact the social accounting department.

Information on decisions can be obtained directly from the respective departments (e.g. admissions office, adult education centre, waste fees department, etc.).

Social Accounting is responsible for processing all social benefits, such as social support, youth support , integration support, and so on.

Debt management

This branch office is responsible for the arrears and collection of debts on behalf of the County District Office (except waste fees and debts from the social area).

In case of payment difficulties, please contact us in writing or by telephone.

letter rangetelephone number
A - Da07141 144-42802
Db - Ge07141 144-42834
Gf - Kos07141 144-42801
Fecilities - Pal07141 144-42804
Pam - Se07141 144-42803
Sf - Z07141 144-42800

07141 144-42800 Sf - Z 07141 144-42800

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