Administrative Department VI-S Data Privacy Officer and Participation Management

of the County

Participation Management

The county of Ludwigsburg is a stakeholder in several companies run under private and public law. These companies perform municipal tasks for the county. By establishing holding companies to carry out municipal tasks, the performance of these tasks is spun off from the administration, but the tasks themselves remain with the county. The continuing responsibility for the county's tasks and thus also for its finances gives rise to a control and monitoring obligation on the part of these associated companies. In the county of Ludwigsburg, this control and monitoring function is carried out under the head of the Administrative Department of Investment Management, Michael Jakob.

Limited liability companies

The county is involved in the following limited liability companies:

  • Waste Recycling Corporation of the County of Ludwigsburg mbH
  • Hamberg Disposal Association mbH
  • Regional Clinics Holding RKH GmbH
  • Clinics Ludwigsburg-Bietigheim gGmbH
  • Orthopaedic Clinic Markgröningen gGmbH
  • Clinics Service GmbH
  • MVZ Clinic Ludwigsburg gGmbH (Medical Care Center)
  • ILS gGmbH (Integrated Control Center Ludwigsburg County)
  • Kleeblatt Nursing Home gGmbH
  • Traffic and Tariff Association Stuttgart GmbH

Public institutions

  • Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg (regional savings bank)

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