Sub-department 51

Pediatric, juvenile and occupational health, socio-medical support - Dr. Ulrike Rangwich-Fellendorf

The main focus in the field of child and youth health is the school enrolment examination (ESU), which now takes place in Baden-Württemberg in the penultimate year of kindergarten. We examine each child in two steps, social medical assistants carry out screenings and the doctors take care of the children whose results are conspicuous. The aim is to identify necessary funding needs in good time and to advise parents accordingly. The ESU also collects epidemiological data. Shortly before starting school, our doctors may examine individual children again for current school readiness.

We also advise schoolchildren and parents on health issues, in particular the prevention of diseases, including necessary vaccinations.

The dentists of the Dental Health Service mainly examine children in kindergartens and KiTas with regard to the condition of their teeth. Prophylactic helpers (dental health specialists) carry out preventive measures to improve the dental health of children in kindergartens and schools, e.g. how to brush their teeth properly.

The office of the regional working group on dental health in the county of Ludwigsburg is also linked to this sub-department.

The socio-psychiatric service takes care of chronically mentally ill people who are usually also in psychiatric treatment. The socio-medical service cares for people who are no longer able to take care of themselves due to a psychological problem, also in partnership with the public order offices of the municipalities.

The patient care service prepares expert opinions on applications within the Severely Disabled Persons' Law and within Social Compensation Law (SER), e.g. victim compensation.

Branch offices

Child, youth and dental health (GT 511) - Dr. Ulrike Rangwich-Fellendorf

Social Psychiatric and Social Medical Service (GT 512) - Armin Pflugfelder

Health care provision service (GT 513) - Dr. Isabell Kachel-Keppler

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