Sub-department 50

Health Protection - Dr. Gundram Hardegg

Hygiene is  one of the central tasks of the health administration. Traditionally, infection control and environmental hygiene have been two of the three topics in the field of health protection.

Infection protection is primarily the prevention and control of communicable diseases and the epidemiological recording of notifiable diseases. One focus is the hygienic monitoring of hospitals and operating medical practices to prevent nosocomial infections. We also monitor facilities such as schools, kindergartens, nursing homes, public baths and the two bathing lakes in the county as well as the hygienic aspects of drinking water supply facilities.

Environmental hygiene observes, assesses and evaluates environmental effects on human health. It is of particular importance in the county of Ludwigsburg against the background of the problem of contaminated sites in some locations.

Branch offices

Hygiene, environmental medicine (GT 501)

Technical health protection (GT 502)