Department V

Health and Consumer Protection

The Department of Health and Consumer Protection performs the tasks of public health service (Health Office) in the Sub-departments 50 - 52 and the lower veterinary and food supervisory authority (Veterinary Office) in Sub-department 53.

As Primary Health Office, we carry out official medical examinations and assessments of fitness for service as prescribed by civil service law in association with the Medical Advisory Board. We prepare medical reports according to the guidelines of the state support regulations. The Medical Advisory Board is responsible for the administrative district of Stuttgart, excluding the cities of Stuttgart and Heilbronn.

Our goal as a public health service is to promote and protect the health of the population, in particular to improve equal health opportunities for people with a migration background, people with disabilities and people with social disadvantages.
Our core tasks are:

  • Health planning, health monitoring 
  • Health promotion and prevention 
  • Health support for children and adolescents, adults and special groups of persons 
  • Health protection, in particular infection control and hygiene 

We advise authorities and other public authorities on the specialist issues of our field of activity. 
In addition, we carry out other official and medical assessments.
Our social psychiatric and social medical services take care of mentally ill people and look after people who, for whatever reason, are no longer able to care for themselves psychologically.

    The tasks of the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Food Inspection  (Veterinary Authority) are the protection of animals, the prevention and control of animal diseases in the county of Ludwigsburg as well as the monitoring of foodstuffs and consumer goods. In addition, we are responsible for meat and poultry meat hygiene as well as for drug monitoring in animals used for food production, wine law (administrative enforcement), price information (labelling in the retail trade) and the law on animal by-products (e.g. disposal of carcasses). We also implement the administrative aspects of the Drinking Water Ordinance.

    The building at Hindenburgstr. 20/3 houses the department management as well as branch offices 531 and 532, while the building at Hindenburgstr. 20/2 houses branch office 533.

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    Health & Consumer Protection

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