Sub-department 31

Law and Order - Christos Vavouras

The Sub-department of Law and Order comprises a large number of tasks of the County District Office which are performed for the state of Baden-Württemberg.

Branch offices

Legal Affairs (GT 310)

The branch office of Legal Affairs is the internal contact point for legal questions and assumes the respective legal representation.

Branch office management:
Ms. Hepp
Tel. 07141 144-42303
Legal affairs  

County police matters (GT 311)

Staff at the branch office of County Police Matters perform a wide range of tasks. Their competencies cover, among other things, the following areas:

  • Restaurant law
  • Authorization of gambling halls
  • Commercial law (subscripts for brokerage permission, travel industry cards, business prohibitions, monitoring of price quotations etc.)
  • Determination of fairs, markets and exhibitions according to the trade regulation act
  • Weapons and explosives law
  • County Hunting Authority (issuance of hunting licences)
  • Assembly right
  • Home supervisory authority
  • Accommodation of the mentally ill
  • Exceptions from Sunday and holiday law
  • Exception permits under the Working Hours Act for Sunday Work
  • Exemptions according to the Young Persons Employment Act for the work of children and adolescents 
  • Consultation of municipalities within the framework of technical supervision (police and regulatory law)
  • Processing of appeals against police/commercial decisions made by the municipalities
  • VAT exemption for music teachers

Branch office manager:
Ms Ostrowicki

Tel. 07141 144-42373
Fax: 07141 144-59311
County Police Matters
Virtual mailroom

Ms Lippold
Tel. 07141 144-42682
Fax: 07141 144-59311

County Police Matters
Virtual mailroom

Deputy Branch office manager:

Ms Scheithauer

Tel. 07141 144-42378
Fax: 07141 144-59311

County Police Matters
Virtual mailroom

Foreigners and citizenship (GT 312)

The branch office of Foreigners and Citizenship comprises on the one hand the Foreigners Authority, to which you as a foreign citizen can apply, for example, for residence permits. On the other hand, it includes the registry office supervision for individual registry offices in those local communities that have naming rights and the responsibility of registration of births, marriages and deaths. Staff in the area of Citizenship process applications for naturalization.

Contact us

Branch Office manager:
Dr. Smolin
Tel. 07141 144-42492

Deputy Branch Office manager

Mr Sayler
Tel. 07141 144-42491

Central fines (GT 313)

We punish traffic offences committed in 28 communities in the county of Ludwigsburg. However, the large county towns of Ludwigsburg, Bietigheim, Ditzingen, Kornwestheim, Remseck am Neckar and Vaihingen/Enz are responsible for administrative offences under the Highway Code (e.g. speeding).

The local traffic authorities Besigheim, Gerlingen, Korntal-Münchingen, Marbach am Neckar and Pleidelsheim punish traffic offences on their local roads themselves. For further information please contact us by phone.

Our field of activity also includes carrying out speed measurements. This monitoring of the flowing traffic is also important and necessary in the county of Ludwigsburg. The focus here is exclusively on road safety.

Don't forget: The punishment of so-called other fine matters is also one of our activities. These include, for example, unexcused absences from school, infringements of restaurant and trade laws, the fight against undeclared work and many more.

In the course of administrative reform, our scope of activity has been extended by the monitoring of social regulations in road traffic (driving personnel law), in particular the driving and rest times for truck and bus drivers. This includes both punishment of administrative offences detected during road checks by the Federal Office for Goods Traffic or the police and punishment of offences identified by us during company audits.

Contact us

Branch office manager

Barbara Ehlis
Tel. 07141 144-2038 or
Tel. 07141 144-41458

Deputy manager

Anna Schweiker
Tel. 07141 144-2038 or
Tel. 07141 144-41468

DE-Mail: mail@landkreis-ludwigsburg.de-mail.de

For the County District Office there is a special public authority mailbox (beBPo).

Fax: 07141 144-59313

County District Office Ludwigsburg
Central Fines
Hindenburgstraße 40
71638 Ludwigsburg


Administrative office:

Ms. Kuntzer
Tel. 07141 144-42303
Law and Order

Sub-department Manager:

Christos Vavouras
Tel. 07141 144-42303
Law and Order

Deputy Manager:

Ms. Hepp
Tel. 07141 144-42303
Law and Order

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