Sub-department 27

Agriculture - Luise Pachaly

Areas of responsibility

The tasks of the Sub-department of Agriculture include:

  • Agricultural support and compensation measures
    approx. 1,300 farms, approx. 14 million euro/year
  • Advice for farms
    partly supra-regional (animal breeding: nationwide)
  • Information on and monitoring of agriculture in accordance with regulations
  • Nutritional information by the Nutrition Centre Central Neckar Region


The following facilities belong to the sub-department:

Area of Jurisdiction

As the Lower Agricultural Authority, the Sub-department of Agriculture is also responsible for the Stuttgart city district, with the exception of its tasks as a public interest body.
In addition, the sub-department has supra-regional responsibility in many areas: e.g. with the nutrition centre, in wine growing consultancy, horticultural advice or domestic management training consultancy, as well as districts bordering to the east/south/north and for the area of animal breeding nationwide.

Branch offices

Compensation & Controlling (GT 271)

Compensation payments, Controlling

  • Processing of agricultural compensation payments and area support measures (direct payments from EU/Agri-environmental programmes e.g. MEKA, Landscape Conservation Directive)
  • Application acceptance and consultation of applicants
  • Administrative monitoring of applications; processing and plausibility checks in IT
  • On-site control of 1 to 5 % of farms by agricultural staff and surveying technicians

Processing of support measures in the municipalities

Ms. Diana Nicolaus
Branch Office Manager
Tel.: 07141/144-44901
Diana Nicolaus

Markgröningen, Besigheim

Mr. Nathanael Döbler
Branch Office Deputy Manager
Tel.: 07141 144-42957
Nathanael Döbler

Bietigheim-Bissingen, Vaihingen a.d.E.
Ms. Tanja Fissler
Tel.: 07141 144-44905
Tanja Fissler
Bönnigheim, Gemmrigheim, Großbottwar, Kornwestheim, Murr, Steinheim
Mr. Kaniwar Hasan
Tel.: 07141 144-43012
Kaniwar Hasan

Eberdingen, Ingersheim, Oberriexingen, Schwieberdingen, Sersheim, Tamm, Walheim

Ms. Manuela Hergesell
Tel.: 07141 144-43242
Manuela Hergesell
Asperg, Benningen, Erdmannhausen, Hessigheim, Kirchheim, Löchgau, Mundelsheim

Ms. Rotraut Schmalzried
Tel.: 07141 144-44938
Rotraut Schmalzried

Erligheim, Gerlingen, Pleidelsheim, Sachsenheim

Ms. Beate Schnalke
Tel.: 07141 144-44907
Beate Schnalke

Affalterbach, Ditzingen, Freiberg a.N., Freundental, Hemmingen, Korntal-Münchingen, Marbach, Möglingen, Oberstenfeld, Remseck a.N.

Ms. Katrin Walker
Tel.: 07141 144-42939
Katrin Walker


Mr.  Stefan Wasserbäch
Tel. 07141 144-43023
Stefan Wasserbäch

Ludwigsburg, Stuttgart

Application processing for agricultural investment promotion:

Water protection horticulture
Mrs. Katharina Grimmer
Tel.: 07141 144-44934
Katharina Grimmer

Structural Development, Business Administration (GT 272)

Structural Development, Business Management

  • Comments on planning and construction projects (e.g. roads, construction areas, agricultural buildings)
  • Business management advice of agricultural and horticultural enterprises
  • Investment promotion measures in agriculture and horticulture, agricultural land transport
  • Duty of care, reforestation, conversion of grassland etc. procedures in accordance with LLG
  • Horticulture training counselling
Branch office manager, individual company promotion, business management consulting

Mr. Markus Weissert
Tel.: 07141 144-42984
Markus Weissert

Structural development, outdoor construction
(eastern district)

Ms. Maren Kreiser
Tel.: 07141 144-43401
Maren Kreiser

Individual farm support, business consulting, horticulture

Ms. Katrin Hofmann
Tel.: 07141 144-44936
Katrin Hofmann

Land transport, horticulture training advice

Ms. Agnes Rehm
Tel.: 07141 144-44956
Agnes Rehm

Horticultural management: Technical advice

Mr. Lansana Konteh
Tel.: 07141 144-43059
Lansana Konteh

Biodiversity and business consultant

Ms. Alicia Läpple
Tel.: 07141 144-43010
Alicia Läpple


Mr. Manuel Baden
Tel.: 07141 144-43420
Manuel Baden

Inspector candidates

Mr. Timo Käppele
Tel.: 07141 144-43133
Timo Käppele

Agricultural production (GT 273)

Agricultural production

  • Consulting Agricultural holdings in production technology and environmental protection
    • Plant production and plant protection
    • Plant protection in commercial fruit growing (supra-regional)
    • County fruit growing consulting
    • Animal husbandry and nutrition, agricultural construction
    • Water protection
    • Viticulture (supra-regional)
  • Monitoring "good professional practice" - e.g. soil samples, plant protection samples, etc.
  • Central experimental field of the districts of Ludwigsburg and Heilbronn in Bönnigheim
Branch office manager, animal production, construction consultation, information and communication, supplementary income college

Mr. Martin Walter
Tel.: 07141 144-44916
Martin Walter

Plant protection consulting

Ms. Anja Brugger
Tel.: 07141 144-44930
Anja Brugger

Plant production consulting, experimental field, low water information service, seed control system

Mr. Philipp Mayer
Tel.: 07141 144-44917
Philipp Mayer

Plant protection advice, commercial fruit cultivation (supra-regional)

Ms. Christine Cent
Tel. 07141 144-44920
Christine Cent

Mr. Matthias Kappler
Tel.:07141 144-42517
Matthias Kappler

Water protection consulting, SchALVO

Ms. Eveline Hildebrandt
Tel.: 07141 144-44919
Eveline Hildebrandt

Water protection consulting

Ms. Silke Maaz-Plonka
Tel.: 07141 144-44959
Silke Maaz-Plonka

Viticultural advice (supra-regional), organic viticulture

Mr. Siegfried Hundinger
Tel.: 07141 144-44915
Siegfried Hundinger

County fruit growing advice

Mr. Alexander Weißbarth
Tel. 07141 144-44954
Alexander Weißbarth

Ms. Martina Rist
Tel.: 07141 144-44953
Martina Rist

Inspection coordination, inspection Invekos and specialist rights controls

Ms. Jasmina Vogt
Tel. 07141 144-42833
Jasmina Vogt

Inspection Invekos and technical legislation

Ms. Joyce Meissner
Tel. 07141 144-43058
Joyce Meissner

Mr. Wilhelm Pfitzenmaier
Tel.: 07141 144-44949
Wilhelm Pfitzenmaier


Mr. Michael Bauer
Tel.: 07141 144-44979
Michael Bauer

Mr. Axel Mundle
Tel.: 07141 144-42038
Axel Mundle

Mr. Peter Schnalke
Tel.: 07141 144-44984
Peter Schnalke

Nutrition, education, household management (GT 274)

Food, education, household management

  • Nutrition Centre Central Neckar Region
    Nutrition information and nutrition education in the administrative district of Stuttgart for consumers, pupils, educators, teachers and multipliers
  • implementation of the state initiatives conscious child nutrition (BeKi) and focus on nutrition
  • training counselling for domestic professions (supra-regional)
  • income combinations, innovative measures such as direct marketing, farm holidays, domestic services
  • monetary and labour management consultancy in agricultural entrepreneur households


Central Nutrition Centre
Tel.: 07141 144 2701

Branch office director, head of nutrition centre, domestic education and counselling, household management

Ms. Ludmilla Scheel
Tel.: 07141 144-42841
Ludmilla Scheel

Assistant manager, training counsellor for domestic professions

Ms. Karin Hagenbach
Tel.: 07141 144-44923
Karin Hagenbach

Apprenticeship counselling, specialist practitioner in home economics

Ms. Claudia Müller
Tel.: 07141 144-44957
Claudia Mueller

Nutrition Centre, Specialists in Child Nutrition (BeKi)

Ms. Dr. Janine Jahn
Tel.: 07141 144-42894
Dr. Janine Jahn

Diversification, nutrition projects, education and counselling


Food centre, housekeeping, education and counselling

Ms. Gudrun Dertinger
Tel.: 07141 144-44940
Gudrun Dertinger

Ms. Birgit Grohmann
Tel.: 07141 144-44912
Birgit Grohmann

Ms. Sarah Kompe
Tel.: 07141-144-2701
Sahra Kompe

Ms. Bärbel Nisi
Tel.: 07141 144-44941
Baerbel Nisi

Apprentice Agricultural Technician Teacher and Consultant

Ms. Petra Lischke
Tel.: 07141 144-43006
Petra Lischke

Federal Voluntary Service



Livestock breeding (GT 275)

State-wide activity

  • Sheep and goats:
    • Breeding management
    • Consulting of stud book breeders
    • Conducting of performance tests and promotional measures
         (breeding livestock shows)
  • Support measures for horses (shows, offspring examinations)
  • Support of small animal breeding facilities
  • Supervision of insemination in cattle/horses/pigs


70190 Stuttgart
Heinrich-Baumann-Straße 1 - 3
Head office: 0711 16655-07
Fax: 0711 16655-83

Branch office manager, breeding management, sheep/goats

Ms Dr. Katrin Danowski
Te.: 07141 144-69980
Dr. Katrin Danowski

Specialist area Insemination, Support measures

Mr. René Roux
Tel.: 0711 16655-75
René Roux

Administrative office , Funding measures

Ms. Heike Hahn
Tel.: 0711 16655-57
Heike Hahn

Administrative office, insemination

Ms. Sybille Krezdorn
Tel.: 0711 16655-07
Sybille Krezdorn


Ms. Isabel Barfuss
Tel.: 0711 16655-42
Isabel Barefoot

Ms. Tina Bauer
Tel.: 07141 144-69983
Tina Bauer

Mr. Roger Lürig
Tel.: 07141 144-69988
Roger Lürig

VLF, glass production, organic farming, approval EU measures

Ms. Emily Bratz
Tel.: 07141 144-43578
Emily Bratz

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