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Surveying, Land Consolidation and County Development - Thomas Meyer

The ground and soil are of central importance for our society. In addition to the land registyr, the real estate registry is necessary to ensure the security of property and for orderly real estate transactions. The Sub-department of Surveying, Land Consolidation and County Development maintains the real estate registry as a basis for further land information systems. Over 80% of all information is land related. The county real estate registry (640km²) lists around 363,000 plots and approx. 200,000 buildings.

The varied and innovative tasks of the Sub-department of Surveying, Land Consolidation and County Development are geared to the needs of our modern society. The data provided create the conditions for all private, economic and political planning and investments related to land. In addition, the Sub-department of Surveying, Land Consolidation and County Development guarantees the comprehensive provision of high-quality surveying services and is thus an important locational factor for the county of Ludwigsburg.

Branch offices

Controlling and county development (GT 251)

Branch office manager:

Tel. 07141 144-40610

Fees and Controlling

  • Order acceptance
  • Fee notices
  • Payment office

GIS Competence Centre

  • Support of municipalities and sub-departments with the development of land data infrastructures (GDI-LRA LB, GDI-BW, INSPIRE)
  • Geodata management and provision of digital solutions at
  • Assembly, development and administration of the Geographical Information System ( GIS ) as an internal webGIS at the County District Office

Denis Siemens
Tel. 07141 144-44868

Real Estate Cadastre and Quality Assurance (GT 252)

On the basis of cadastral surveys, the real estate cadastre provides nationwide evidence of the division of land into parcels. The information and data contained in the real estate cadaster (e.g. location, size, information on buildings) form the basis for determining real estate ownership.

The real estate cadaster consists of the official real estate cadaster information system (ALKIS) and the real estate cadaster files that are archived here in the building. The real estate cadaster is also the basis for spatial information systems.

As the lower surveying authority, the Department of Surveying, Land Reorganization and County Development is responsible for the management of the real estate cadastre (with the exception of the urban area of Ludwigsburg).


Friedel Rothbauer
Tel. 07141 144-44836
Friedel Rothbauer

Testing and acceptance of surveying documents as well as services

Bernd Stein
Tel. 07141 144-44825
Bernd Stein

Management of the Real Estate Cadastre

  • Investigation and confirmation of the non-representation of easements
  • Securing the entry of real estate surveys in the land register

Mark Enchelmaier
Tel. 07141 144-44832
Mark Enchelmaier

continuation of the real estate cadastre

  • Transfer of NAS data (continuation data) from publicly appointed surveyors to ALKIS

Friedrich Schnabel
Tel. 07141 144-44827
Friedrich Schnabel

Surveying services (GT 253)

In our business section we offer various surveying services. Surveys which have to do with ownership of land are called real estate surveys. Surveys which have to do with your building project are called engineering surveys. We will be happy to help you with words and deeds.


Rüdiger Ament
Tel. 07141 144-44814
Rüdiger Ament

Here you find the overview map of the contact persons

Application form (order form) for surveying services

Working District 1 & Engineering Survey:

  • Conducting real estate surveys (border assessment, building surveys, mergers)
  • Providing surveying expert opinions
  • Conducting engineering surveys for your building projects
    • As-built survey as planning basis and digital terrain models 
    • site plan for building application
    • stakeout and string scaffold
    • aerial photos and orthophotos
    • and much more...

Norbert Bullmann
Tel. 07141 144-44807
Norbert Bullmann

Working area 2:

  • Conducting real estate surveys (boundary determination, building surveys, mergers)
  • Providing surveying expert opinions

Heiko Leger
Tel. 07141 144-44841
Heiko Leger

Working area 3:

  • Conducting real estate surveys (boundary determination, building surveys, mergers)
  • Providing surveying expert opinions

Volker Tiel
Tel. 07141 144-44844
Volker Tiel

soil order:

  • Floor arrangement according to the Building Code

Peter Stalla
Tel. 07141 144-44831
Peter Stalla

Land reallocation (GT 254)

  • Relocation of land according to the Land Consolidation Act
  • Improvement of agricultural and forestry bases
  • Accompaniment of watercourse design and restoration
  • Promotion of nature and monument conservation
  • Integrated Rural Development Concept (ILEK)
  • Regional Management


Luis Diemer
Tel. 07141 144-44861
Luis Diemer

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Sub-department Manager

Wolf-Dieter Simmank
Tel.: 07141 144-44802
Wolf-Dieter Simmank

Sub-department Deputy Manager

Tel.: 07141 144-44814

Administrative office

Alexandra Haas
Regina Herberich

Tel. 07141 144-2007
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Surveying / Land consolidation

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