Sub-department 24

Industrial inspectorate - Philipp Herczeg

Our responsibilities

Occupational safety: Industrial safety regulations, chemicals and hazardous substances legislation, construction site regulations, working hours legislation.

The processing of applications in accordance with the Working Hours Act and Young Persons Employment Act is carried out by the branch office of County Police Matters.

The monitoring of social regulations in road traffic (driving personnel law), in particular driving hours and rest periods of truck and bus drivers, is carried out by the branch office of Central Fines.

Environmental protection: Noise, dust, light and odour emissions and vibrations, industrial waste water and waste disposal.

Neighbourhood complaints (noise, dust, odour, etc. ...) must first be submitted to the branch office of Emissions Control for preliminary legal examination.

Forms: in accordance with the Working Hours Act and other specialist information can be found at www.gewerbeaufsicht.baden-wuerttemberg.de.

The respective municipality is responsible for commercial registration/de-registration/re-registration.

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Sub-department of Industrial Inspectorate

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Industrial inspectorate

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