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Environment - Dr. Carolin Meier

Water, soil and air are indispensable requisites for the existence of humans, animals and plants. Humans use these elements for a variety of activities. They produce drinking water and other food, discharge purified wastewater into rivers and streams, open up new construction areas, place their waste into the ground and much more.

There is a tension between use/exploitation and conservation/improvement, and so effective protection of water, soil and nature is necessary, all of which requires maintaining balance between competing uses.

We are your contact in all legal and technical questions concerning environmental protection and deal predominantly with governmental tasks that are related to land or to the environment. This includes areas such as

  • Waste
  • Soil protection and contaminated sites,
  • Wastewater
  • Groundwater and surface water,
  • Nature and species protection and landscape conservation
  • Climate protection

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Sub-department of the Environment

Hindenburgstraße 40
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Dr. Carolin Meier
Sub-department Manager

Claudia Göllner
Sub-department Deputy Manager

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