Sub-department 20

Construction and Emission Constrol - N.N.

General information

The Department of Construction and Emission Control is responsible for the following areas:

  • Construction
  • Emission control
  • Monument protection
  • Chimney sweeps
  • Landscape planning
  • Residential construction subsidies
  • Statistics and census 
  • Participation in construction projects in large county towns, administrative communities with their own responsibility for constuction law

Advising our clients is one of the focal points of our work. Construction experts who are trained as architects or civil engineers, administrative specialists, structural engineers, building inspectors, fire protection experts and typists offer service from a single source.

Each year, the sub-department supervises approx. 1600 construciton law procedures (e.g. construction permits, information disclosure procedures) and approx. 250 plants requiring emission control permits. This includes detached houses as well as shopping centres and commercial and industrial enterprises with several hundred employees.

In addition, statements from the president's office on the development planning and land use planning procedures of the district municipalities as well as the procedures of other authorities are coordinated by the sub-department.

The staff of the residential construction subsidy unit work in the field of social rental housing construction and on the financing and creation of property.

The sub-department is also in demand as a monument protection authority. Together with the monument conservator of the regional council, numerous on-site consultations take place every year in order to work out joint solutions with building owners, prospective buyers and planners. In doing so, we want to achieve the preservation and careful handling of the fabric of historical buildings and still make an appropriate and contemporary use possible. The aim of this work is to be able to issue the necessary permits under monument protection law for measures relating to listed buildings and to protect the appearance of our historic old towns.

The sub-department is also responsible for chimney sweeps. In addition to appointment coordination for one of the 40 sweeping districts in the county, it also covers such tasks pertaining to its role as a supervisory authority and ensures the fire safety of fire places.

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Construction and Emission Control Department

Branch office

Gänsfußallee 8
71636 Ludwigsburg

Wolfgang Bechtle
Sub-department Manager
Tel. 07141 144-374
W. Bechtle

Agnes Marquardt
Sub-department Deputy Manager
Tel. 07141 144-47706
A. Marquardt

Administrative office

Diana Bauder
Tel. 07141 144-47733
Construction & Emission Control

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opening hours

Opening hours Department 20 - Building and Immission Control

You can visit us at any time during office hours.

However, we recommend that you make an appointment in advance by telephone to ensure that the employee responsible for you does not have any other appointments.

In addition, you have the opportunity to address your problems and questions at the town hall of your municipality.

The building experts Mrs. Binnig, Mrs. Juhl and Mrs. Köster have set up consultation hours on Tuesdays, Mrs. Marquardt and Mrs. Seefeld on Wednesdays in the communities in which they are responsible.

Since these office hours are variable, we ask you to clarify them shortly before with the building experts or with the municipality.

Monday - Friday08.30 - 12.00 hours
Monday13.30 - 15.30 hours
Thursday13.30 - 18.00 hours