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Environment, Technology, Construction

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Department II - Environment, Technology, Construction is sometimes referred to as the "Green Department", as it covers topics such as nature conservation and environmental protection (water, soil, emissions), forestry, surveying, land readjustment, regional development, construction, trade supervision and agriculture with a nutrition centre. This means that essential aspects of the state tasks of the County Administrative Office, which it has performed as the lower state administrative authority since the administrative reform of 1 January 2005, have been concentrated in Department II. This enables making integrated decisions for citizens, entrepreneurs and municipalities. For example, as a bearer of public interests, in the case of participation in development plan procedures, a bundled statement is made by the President's office; before the administrative reform, addressees would receive numerous individual statements from state special authorities which could not always be aligned. Finally, Department II also contains typical county responsibilities for important topics such as waste charges.

Conclusion: "A department with a variety of tasks which we want to fulfil in a citizen- and community-friendly way, focusing on good service and with the aim of making balanced integrated decisions."

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Department II Environment, Technology, Construction

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