The County Council office prepares the committee and county council meetings and ensures that the necessary consultation documents from the specialist departments come together and are sent to the 105 councillors in good time. The minutes of the meetings are also recorded here.

In addition, the office organises all elections for the county - European, federal, state, regional and county elections.

The partnerships and friendships of the county with the Upper Galilee region in Israel, Yichang City in China, Bergamo province in Italy, Zwickau county and Pest county in Hungary are also managed from here.

Central administration tasks

The central administrative tasks connected to the county council office include caretaker services, in-house printing, post office and registry. The administration of official vehicles and drivers as well as room and key management is also carried out from here. In addition, the county council office is the point of contact for canteen matters and Internet support.

Contact us

Sandra Grüninger
Tel. 07141 144-42913
Fax. 07141 144-2030

Ms Grüninger
County Council Office