Sub-Department 13

Schools - Selina Felger

Tasks of the school authorities:

The county of Ludwigsburg is the school authority for six vocational schools, currently with approximately 9,700 pupils:

  • Carl-Schaefer-Schule Ludwigsburg - vocational school
  • Oscar-Walcker-Schule Ludwigsburg - vocational school
  • Berufliches Schulzentrum Bietigheim-Bissingen - commercial and Vocational School
  • Robert-Franck-Schule Ludwigsburg - commercial School
  • Erich-Bracher-Schule Kornwestheim-Pattonville - commercial School
  • Mathilde-Planck-Schule Ludwigsburg - Domestic-care-social-educational- and agricultural school

and five special education and counselling centres (SBBZ) and four school kindergartens with around 760 pupils:

  • Schule am Favoritepark Ludwigsburg - funding priority for mental development
  • Schule Gröninger Weg Bietigheim-Bissingen - funding priority for mental development
  • Paul-Aldinger-Schule Steinheim-Kleinbottwar - funding priority for mental development
  • Fröbelschule Ludwigsburg - funding priority for language
  • Schule am Schlosspark Ludwigsburg - funding priority for students in prolonged hospitalization
  • Schulkindergarten am Favoritepark - School kindergarten for mentally handicapped children
  • Schulkindergarten an der PAS - School kindergarten for mentally handicapped children
  • Schulkindergarten an der Fröbelschule - School kindergarten for speech handicapped children
  • Schulkindergarten am Neckarufer - School kindergarten for physically handicapped children

In this context, the following tasks are performed by sub-department 13:

  • Preparation and execution of the budget in the area of schools
  • School development planning
  • Management of school statistics
  • School space requirements forecast, Establishment of space programmes for new school buildings and sports facilities
  • Site selection
  • Involvement in the construction programme
  • Applications for funding from the state's school construction programme
  • Operator responsibility
  • Leasing of school rooms and sports facilities
  • Construction, modification, consolidation and abolition of schools, types of schools and school types
  • Determination of school catchment areas in cooperation with the State Education Authority
  • Public relations, publications
  • Invoicing (cooking money, pupil meals, invoicing of non-returned loan books)
  • School partnerships, cooperation agreements
  • Learning materials (incl. school books, calculator)
  • Coordination of school events
  • Processing of insurance and damage claims
  • Administration of the vehicle fleet
  • Digitalization at schools
  • Personnel processing for the school secretaries, support staff, kitchen staff, school janitors
  • Organization of student meals
  • Travel expense report for school staff and FB 13


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