Department I

Central Control and Schools - Andreas Eschbach

The sub-department ensures the smooth execution of central administrative tasks. It is less visible to the public. Its special role results from its cross-departmental functions in all areas of county administration.

The sub-department is subdivided into five branch offices: the County Council Office, Foreign Relations and Central Administrative Tasks, Organisation, Digitalization, Personnel and Schools. European Affairs has also been part of the sub-department's remit since 2003.

Branch Office 10 - Organisation ensures best possible work processes.

Branch Office 11 - Personnel supervises all personnel, organises training and further education and is responsible for personnel matters such as wages, salaries and allowances.

Branch Office 12 - Digitalization is responsible for the Digitalization and supervises all IT equipment

Branch Office 13 - Schools is responsible for School Authority Duties

Branch Office 14 - County Council Office and Central Administrative Tasks prepares the meetings of the committees and of the county council, organises all elections and events such as the New Year's reception or visits by delegations from the district partnerships and carries out the tasks of the European Envoy.

Branch Offices

Organisation (FB 10)

The business part Organisation supports the individual departments of the District Office with internal services.

The main focus is on the following tasks:

  • Personnel requirement reviews, replacement procedures
  • Organizational investigations, developments, consultations
  • Job evaluations, job planning
  • Spatial planning
  • Comparison rings, benchmarking
  • Company suggestion scheme

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IT Organisation

Personal (FB 11)

The Human Resources department looks after and advises the approximately 2000 employees of the county administration in all labour law matters. The Human Resources office is responsible for ensuring that the sub-departments are optimally and promptly staffed, and for ensuring that remuneration and salaries are paid on time. The various training and internship positions are also allocated here. Other important tasks of the Human Resources office include internal training, human resources development, time recording, applicant management, occupational health and safety, occupational safety, aid and support, human resources cost controlling, the staffing plan and participation in organisation/personnel comparison committees.

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Digitalization (FB 12)

The digitization business unit deals with topics related to digitization and supports the individual departments of the district office by providing internal services.

The business unit is divided into two teams:

The digitalisation team is responsible for the organisation, planning and implementation of digitalisation projects (e.g. EAkte, mobile working) and much more.
Contact: digitalisierung@landkreis-ludwigsburg.de

The IuK team is responsible for topics related to hardware/software, technical issues and equipment (e.g. video conferencing), WLAN and much more.
Contact: IUK@landkreis-ludwigsburg.de

Schools (FB 13)

School Authority Duties

The county of Ludwigsburg is the school authority for six vocational schools, currently with approximately 10,900 pupils.

  • Carl-Schaefer-Schule Ludwigsburg - vocational school
  • Oscar-Walcker-Schule Ludwigsburg - vocational school
  • Commercial and Vocational School Bietigheim-Bissingen
  • Robert-Franck-Schule Ludwigsburg - vocational school
  • Erich-Bracher-Schule Kornwestheim-Pattonville - vocational school
  • Mathilde-Planck-Schule Ludwigsburg - Domestic-care-social-educational- and agricultural school
  • and five special education and counselling centres (SBBZ) 
  • and five school kindergartens with around 740 pupils.
  • School at the Favoritepark Ludwigsburg - funding priority for mental development
  • School Gröninger Weg Bietigheim-Bissingen - funding priority for mental development
  • Paul-Aldinger-Schule Steinheim-Kleinbottwar - funding priority for mental development
  • Fröbelschule Ludwigsburg - funding priority for language
  • Schule für am Schlosspark Ludwigsburg - funding priority for mental development
  • Hospital treatment

The following tasks are performed by Sub-department 13:

  • Establishment and implementation of school budget
  • Implementation of school development plan II (vocational schools) and
  • School development plan for special schools
  • Development of student numbers
  • School space requirement forecast, list of room programmes for school buildings and
  • New sports facilities
  • Site selection
  • Participation in the construction programme
  • Applications for funding from the state school construction programme
  • Rental of school premises/buildings and sports facilities
  • Distribution of schoolrooms to individual schools
  • Entertainment and structural changes in schoolrooms
  • Erection, alteration, consolidation and abolition of schools, types of schools and
  • Types of schools
  • Definition of school catchment areas
  • Performance of school experiments
  • Naming of schools
  • Filling of head of school posts
  • Recruitment, dismissal and promotion of non-educational school staff, including
  • Determination of the level of employment
  • Session templates for school advisory board, cultural and school committee and county council
  • Public relations, publications

County Council, Partnerships and Central Administrative Tasks Office (FB 14)

The County Council office prepares the committee and county council meetings and ensures that the necessary consultation documents from the specialist departments come together and are sent to the 103 councillors in good time. The minutes of the meetings are also recorded here.

In addition, the office organises all elections for the county - European, federal, state, regional and county elections.

The partnerships and friendships of the county with the Upper Galilee region in Israel, Yichang City in China, Bergamo province in Italy, Zwickau county and Pest county in Hungary are also managed from here.

Central administration tasks

The central administrative tasks connected to the county council office include caretaker services, in-house printing, post office and registry. The administration of official vehicles and drivers as well as room and key management is also carried out from here. In addition, the county council office is the point of contact for canteen matters and Internet support.

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Ms Grüninger
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