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Central Control and Schools - Andreas Eschbach

The sub-department ensures the smooth execution of central administrative tasks. It is less visible to the public. Its special role results from its cross-departmental functions in all areas of county administration.

The sub-department is subdivided into five branch offices: the County Council Office, Foreign Relations and Central Administrative Tasks, Organisation, Digitalization, Personnel and Schools. European Affairs has also been part of the sub-department's remit since 2003.

Branch Office 10 - Organisation ensures best possible work processes.

Branch Office 11 - Personnel supervises all personnel, organises training and further education and is responsible for personnel matters such as wages, salaries and allowances.

Branch Office 12 - Digitalization is responsible for the Digitalization and supervises all IT equipment

Branch Office 13 - Schools is responsible for School Authority Duties

Branch Office 14 - County Council Office and Central Administrative Tasks prepares the meetings of the committees and of the county council, organises all elections and events such as the New Year's reception or visits by delegations from the district partnerships and carries out the tasks of the European Envoy.

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