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County of Ludwigsburg


Population figures

Status: 31.03.2019

Inhabitants total544,685
of which female274,136
of which male


Source: State Statistical Office Baden-Württemberg

Population density

Status: 31.12.2018

DescriptionPopulation density
County Ludwigsburg792 inhabitants per km²
State value310 inhabitants per km²


Status: 31.12.2018

Age groupNumber of persons
under 1579,168
15 - 1816,483
18 - 2541,087
25 - 40106,850
40 - 65192,390
65 and over106,652

Labour market

With around 203,000 employees subject to social insurance contributions, the county of Ludwigsburg now has the largest labour market in the region after the state capital Stuttgart and the county of Esslingen.

The majority of this lies in the south of the county. In the Ludwigsburg/Kornwestheim region, about 56 % of employees work in the county. Bietigheim-Bissingen, which accounts for around 13% of all jobs, is another focal point of employment.

The companies in the county of Ludwigsburg are characterized by their high efficiency and their high levels of innovatiion. Progress has a tradition in the land of "inventors and creators". This enables companies to maintain their position in the economy despite fierce competition. This secures and creates jobs and has a positive effect on the labour market.

Labour market statistical figures

(Status: June 2020)

 County of




Unemployment rate:
(related to all civilian labour force)

3,8 % 4,4 %6,2 %




Further information on the labour market can be found at www.arbeitsagentur.de.

Employees subject to social insurance contributions

(Status: 30.06.2019)

Type of employmentNumber of employees
Total number of employees by economic activity207.813
Agriculture, forestry, fishing1.579
Manufacturing industry74.271
Retail, hospitality and transport49.276
Other services 82.687

Source: State Statistical Office Baden-Württemberg

Use of space

Status: 31.12.2017

Type of usehaShare of surface area in %Land value
Settlement and traffic area17,039



Agricultural area37,43954.545.2
Forest area12,36118.037.8
Water area9271.31.1
Other area9111.41.3
Total surface area68,677



Transport infrastructure


The county of Ludwigsburg has a good road network. The federal motorway A 81 (Heilbronn - Leonberger Dreieck), which leads through the middle of the county of Ludwigsburg, provides quick access to distant city centres such as Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Freiburg, Munich and to popular excursion destinations such as the Black Forest, Lake Constance or the Allgäu.

Federal roads

The three federal roads B 10, B 27 and B 295 ensure the distribution of road traffic within the county area and good integration into the supraregional road transport network.

Rail network

The county of Ludwigsburg is crossed by the Stuttgart - Mannheim high-speed railway line with a stop in Vaihingen/Enz and the Stuttgart - Würzburg (Frankenbahn), Stuttgart - Bruchsal (Westbahn), Stuttgart - Pforzheim railway lines, on which IC, RegionalExpress and RegionalBahn operate. There is also the Ludwigsburg - Marbach - Backnang railway line and the Korntal - Weissach branch line (Strohgäubahn). The light rail line S5 runs from Bietigheim station via Vaihingen/Enz, Pforzheim, Karlsruhe to Wörth.

The backbone of local public transport is the high-performance S-Bahn in the VVS area with its frequent running times. It makes the county of Ludwigsburg accessible and connects large parts of the county with the state capital Stuttgart as well as the wider Stuttgart region with the lines S4 (Marbach / Backnang), S5 (Bietigheim) and S6 (Leonberg / Weil der Stadt). At certain times of the day, the S-Bahn lines S60 (Böblingen), which runs as an adjunct to the S6, also crosses the southern county. Public transport is supplemented by the Stuttgart trams on the route Stuttgart - Gerlingen (Stadtbahn U6) and Stuttgart - Remseck (U12) as well as an area-wide bus network.

After Mannheim, the railway yard in Kornwestheim is the second largest in Baden-Württemberg and the most important freight yard in the region.


Passenger shipping on the Neckar serves tourism from May to October.

The Neckar is a federal waterway. In the county there are 6 double locks, which are designed for ships of max. 105 m in length. The nearest ports are Stuttgart and Heilbronn.


Stuttgart Airport can be reached from Ludwigsburg in less than an hour.

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