Economic area

Exceptional location factors

The availability of commercial building sites and residential areas, the balanced economic structure, the large number of qualified employees, the local public transport network and the cultural and sporting infrastructure are among the location factors that are of central importance for the county of Ludwigsburg as an economic region.

Together with the region of Stuttgart, the county of Ludwigsburg is one of the most successful business locations in Germany.

Strong economic activity and innovation

The county of Ludwigsburg is one of the most industrial districts in Baden-Württemberg.

The focus of economic activity lies primarily along the development axes (as defined by regional planning) with centres in Ludwigsburg/Kornwestheim and Bietigheim-Bissingen/Besigheim. The companies and enterprises here demonstrate high innovative potential.

Some companies have achieved Europe-wide and, in some cases, worldwide renown with their brands and products.

But more innovative and modern companies beyond the county border also have reason to appreciate the county of Ludwigsburg.

Supplemented by logistics and good transport connections, the county offers investors and project developers a productive field of activity.

Ludwigsburg County Media Location

In the field of classic and new media, the county of Ludwigsburg has embarked on a trend-setting course. The Film Academy Baden-Württemberg and the Film and Media Centre Ludwigsburg, with their media companies and qualified educational programmes for media professions, offer ideal conditions for the establishment of further companies in this growth sector.

Award-winning quality of life

In addition to a large number of qualified jobs, the county of Ludwigsburg has a high quality of life. This is particularly evident in the good medical care, the diverse cultural opportunities, the numerous sports facilities and the attractive local recreation areas.

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