Economic profile

In the county of Ludwigsburg

It was not until the end of the 19th century that the transition to a more industrial economy began in the county of Ludwigsburg.

In addition to the growing importance of mechanical engineering, centres of the shoe industry and the textile and clothing industry have emerged.

The county of Ludwigsburg today is heavily industrialized and is characterized in particular by commercial and industrial enterprises.

However, in recent years the service sector has become increasingly important. The continuous increase in the number of employees in this field since the mid-1970s can be seen in the rise of around 80,000 employees to a total of around 128,000 employees today.

This means that more than 63% of all employees in the county work in the service sector.

Overall, the county of Ludwigsburg is characterised by an economic structure that is diverse in its industrial, commercial, craft, agricultural and service sectors.

The focus of the industrially oriented branches of industry, when calculated by the number of employees, in vehicle construction and mechanical engineering.

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