Promotion of tourism

In the county of Ludwigsburg

Tourism in the county of Ludwigsburg has a broad base. A large number of communities, associations, clubs, nature parks, cooperations and volunteers are active in this area - their high levels of commitment and success are visible in the high profile of tourism in the county of Ludwigsburg. The common aim of these participants in and supporters of tourism is to retain what they know to be tried and tested and to strive to further emphasize their strengths.

The County District Office supports the towns and communities as well as other parties in promoting the tourism programme and offers, thereby reinforcing tourism in the county. In doing so, the county acts as an interface between all the bodies involved and complements existing tourism structures. As contact and coordinator in the field of tourist cycle paths, the county supports their marketing and infrastructure. In addition, the county presents the diverse cultural and tourist offers.

Contact person
Controlling and County Development (GT 251)
Anna-Lena Heimerdinger
Tel. 07141 / 144 - 42638

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